Features of Online Photo Editor and Collage Maker

  1. Easy to design any type of posts like greeting cards, posters, flyers, social media posts, marketing ads, banners, menus and anything that is creative.
  2. Photoshop like layers using which you can group related contents, change positions of objects, lock/unlock, hide/visible, opacity and blending modes.
  3. In CREATE menu, you have "Upload Template" to restore saved JSON formated template from computer, "My Templates" lists all the saved templates from Localstorage, "Resize Canvas" change dimensions of canvas to whatever you input in the textbox or you can choose from floading dialog using small gear button.
  4. SNIPPET menu contains "Typography" and "Mix" categories which show quick design snippets to use in your content.
  5. Under BACKGROUND menu, "Make Transparent" remove any fill or image to make background transparent, "Crop To" crops image to background size, "Color", "Swatch", "Palettes", "Gradient" and "Patterns" fill with different types of background.
  6. Under TEXT menu, "Add" drop-down menu shows "Simple Text" to add normal text, "Curve Text" adds curve text and "From Templates" show panels containing typography snippets to choose from. "Fonts" shows free google fonts with various categories and all other properties are very basic and common like fill, stroke, shadow, text styles, text alignment, text background color, flip, line height, character spacing etc. "Clear Style" clears all formatting of currently selected text block. "Distribute", "Equalize" and "Splitter" under "More Options" menu are useful for making typography easier.
  7. In IMAGE menu, it has "Load Image" opens panel on the left side with some sample images and "Upload Image" button to upload your image. "Crop" button to crop image, "Cutout" cuts or removes background from image, "Effects" has "Filters", "Masking" and "Clippings" to give different types of image effects and cutouts. "Remove Color" removes selected color from image and "Blend Color" can blend selected image with others.
  8. CLIPART menu contains "Load Cliparts" button to show panel with lots of "Shape" and "Clipart" categories with "Upload Clipart" button to upload your own clipart. "Clipart Maker" open Vector Editor dialog where you can make any vector drawings or paths to use in design. Other tools are very commonly used like fill, stroke, shadow and others for selected shapes.
  9. When you draw something, Drawing Mode is enabled. So in DRAWING menu,  the Arrow button disables Drawing Mode and enable Selection Mode i.e. Normal mode. "Tools" contains basic drawing tool like Pencil, Line, Circle, Arrow, Rectangle and Triangle. Painting opens Paint dialog where you can draw any bitmap drawings and add it to you design.
  10. SAVE menu has 4 buttons. "Download JPG" to download your current work as jpeg image, "Download PNG" downloads png image, "Download Template" downloads JSON file which can be restored by uploading it using "Upload Template" under CREATE menu, and "Save Template" saves it in Localstorage of your browser for later use.

For more details or using tools see tutorials here:

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